Children are the beauty inside

Let them have a sense of pride.

INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S ENDOWMENT is an humanitarian non-profit devoted to protecting children worldwide facing various forms of abuse and exploitation.

Unlike other children’s funds which focus on the more commonly invoked children’s crises such as hunger, poverty, trafficking and enslavement in developing nations, International Children’s Endowment prioritizes forms of abuse perpetrated in broad daylight and sanctioned by Western societies.

The most timely examples are the recent Trump administration-ordered kidnappings of children from their parents at the southwestern U.S. border, protected and covered up abuses of children in the Catholic Church, and the forced genital mutilation of children in the Western hemisphere.

We are a global community of pioneers in the field of humanitarianism, seeking to raise awareness, to break ice on conversations long overdue, and to ensure that specific actions are taken as a result.

The Endowment is the change that these pioneers wish to see in the world. We believe that such change lies in our children. After all, children are the future. How well we protect our children is what determines the course and fate of the human story.

The Endowment believes that those regarded as being on the wrong side of the present are often the ones later revered as having been on the right side of history, from the vantage point of the future (which by such point will have become the present).

We believe that the ways of the past need not be the ways of the future; that just because things have been done certain ways for generations, doesn’t mean future generations don’t deserve better.